Who are Data Energy?

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If you have recently received a bill from us, you may be wondering who we are and what we do. Read on to find out more about our services...

We are a Metering and Billing Agent. We have been specifically appointed by your Building Owner to raise and issue bills for the energy and/or water you use. The utilities we bill you for would depend on what is supplied by your District Supply Scheme. You can find out which utilities we charge you for by checking the ‘Bill Breakdown’ section on one of the invoices we have sent you.

Using Actual meter readings recorded by the meter at your apartment, we calculate how much you have consumed and charge you according to your tariff. Estimated readings are sometimes used in the absence of Actual readings.

As your Billing Agent, it’s our responsibility to:

- Raise and issue periodic bills

- Collect metering data (if available)

- Process payments (if applicable)

- Provide customer support

- Process change of tenancies

- Administer payment plans

- Host a customer and client portal

- Provide monthly reports to Building Owners/Managing Agents

You may be wondering how our responsibilities differ from others, such as your Managing Agent or Building Owner. You can find more information on this in our article, Stakeholders and their responsibilities.

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