Stakeholders and their responsibilities

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There are lots of people involved in the operation of your building. Find out more about who is responsible for what...

Building Owner/Freeholder/Communal Network Supplier –

Under the terms of the Lease, this is the entity responsible for managing the District Supply Scheme and supplying the utilities (such as heat) to Leaseholders. They will purchase the energy used to operate the scheme (i.e. gas for a heat network) and may appoint providers to carry out services, such as a metering and billing agent, or a maintenance provider.

Your Building Owner/Freeholder/Communal Network Supplier will be defined within your lease or can be found on the first page of your Data Energy bill.

Managing Agent –

The Managing Agent is responsible for overseeing the operation of the District Supply Scheme and the charging process, as well as holding the relevant money and ensuring accounts are reconciled. Managing Agents are often appointed by the Building Owner/Freeholder/Communal Network Supplier to undertake these responsibilities. 

Metering and Billing Agent –

If we are your appointed Metering and Billing Agent, then our job is generally to collect metering data, calculate the amount each apartment owes and administer the payment process. Other Metering and Billing Agents might provide slightly different services. For more information on our responsibilities, please refer to our Who are Data Energy article.

Leaseholder –

The Leaseholder is responsible for paying for the utility(ies) supplied to their property under the terms of the Lease Agreement unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Communal Network Supplier.

Sub-Tenant –

A Sub-Tenant (Occupier) is the person who resides at the property and (if applicable) can be added to the account as a Sub-Tenant, to assist the Leaseholder in managing the recovery of costs during their occupancy. However, it remains the Leaseholder’s responsibility to ensure payments are made, unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Communal Network Supplier.


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