How does the billing process work?

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As your billing agent, we are responsible for the management and collection of charges.

If an apartment is sold or transferred, we expect the Managing Agent, Developer, or new owner to notify us of their name and completion date. An account will then be set up in this name, and we will issue a Welcome Pack along with the first bill. Our Welcome Pack will explain the Communal System, provide payment details and access instructions for our Customer Portal.

Each bill clearly details the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed and a breakdown of costs, including the unit rate, standing charge and admin fee. A variety of payment options are accepted, with detailed instructions on the reverse of every bill, along with our contact information should any clarification be required.

Payment is received into a site-specific client bank account, administered by us. These payments are then passed to the Managing Agent each month, along with a financial report for the period. The funds are typically used to settle all the associated running costs (i.e. the main energy supply costs).

In instances where a Leaseholder is sub-letting their flat, we can add the Sub-tenant to the account as the Occupier. The Occupier would then receive bills relating to their period of occupancy. For more information on how to add an Occupier/Sub-tenant to the account, please refer to our article: I’ve recently sub-let my property and would like to add the tenant to my account - what should I do?

Please note, this process is based on our Standard Metering and Billing Package. Some developments might have alternative arrangements for data collection and payment administration.

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