I'm unable to view meter readings on my Customer Portal account - why is this?

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The metering data we hold for your property can be viewed monthly. You will need to select a month to obtain details, which can also be downloaded when needed.

Monthly metering data Customer Portal.JPG

If you are unable to view meter readings on your account, this may be due to privacy settings.

Consumption data recorded while a tenancy is in place will not be visible on the leaseholder's Customer Portal account due to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Final bills issued do not provide Customer Portal PayPoint and Pin numbers. Once a tenancy/lease comes to an end and a final bill is issued to the tenant/leaseholder, their details are removed from the account and access is revoked to the Customer Portal.

Another reason may be that we are not currently receiving data from your meter remotely. If you have any concerns regarding your meter readings (or lack of), please contact our Customer Care team by submitting a support ticket

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