How can I change my account name?

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If you are a Leaseholder, you are legally the primary account holder and therefore responsible for the charges associated with the property. Your name will remain on the account for duration of your ownership.

If a sub-tenancy is in place, the Sub-tenant can be added as the ‘Occupier’ on the bills, however the Lessee ultimately remains responsible for the account and any debt incurred if payments are not made in a timely manner (unless we are instructed otherwise by the Building Owner/Managing Agent).

Please use the Change of Tenancy (COT) form to report tenancy changes within 30 days of the tenant’s move-in/out date.

Please note that late notice charges will apply if we are not notified within the 30-day period.

We are unable to process any COT changes on the account before the move in/out has taken place, therefore, we strongly recommend you submit your COT form within time frame provided.

If you need to change the name or surname on the account due to personal circumstances (e.g. marriage), please ensure your new details are registered with your Managing Agent, who will notify us of the change and account name will be amended.

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