Why have Estimated readings been used?

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When we cannot obtain 'Actual meter readings' to be used for billing, we will use 'Estimated readings'. We aim to ensure our Estimated readings are as accurate as possible and calculate them based on the previous actual consumption history of the apartment.

You can view the full history of your meter readings via your Customer Portal account. If you haven’t already, please create an account by following the instructions detailed on your bill. Your login details can be found in the bottom right-hand corner, under the ‘Customer Portal’ section. If you have recorded Actual meter readings that have not been used to bill, please submit them to us and we’ll re-issue your invoice to reflect these readings. Please note, all meter readings need be supported by photographic evidence. You can submit your readings here.

In instances where we do not hold any historical metering data for your property, our Estimated meter readings will be calculated based on an average for other properties within the development, therefore it is strongly recommended to regularly check and provide meter readings to us if estimates are used for your bill. We will issue your bills based on these estimates if instructed to by the Building Owner/Managing Agent.

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