My consumption is higher than expected - why is this?

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If your bill is based on Actual meter readings, it has been generated using data received remotely from the meter within your apartment. We are required to use the Actual metering data received for billing purposes and we are unable to amend/reduce your bill unless a fault has been identified.

If we bill you for heating, we recommend checking your thermostat settings as it may be too high - adjusting your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature can make a big difference! We recommend 20-21 degrees for more efficient use.

You can view a full history of your meter readings via your Customer Portal account. If you haven’t already, please create an account by following the instructions detailed on your bill. Your login details can be found in the bottom right-hand corner, under the ‘Customer Portal’ section. For more tips on reducing consumption and saving on your bills, visit our How can I save energy? article.

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