I’ve consumed energy but my bill shows zero consumption – why is this?

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This might suggest that there’s a fault with your meter or the data collection network. If you are a Leaseholder, please contact your Managing Agent in the first instance. If you are a private tenant, we recommend that you contact your landlord, and if you are a social tenant, we recommend that you contact your Housing Association.

Whilst Data Energy is not responsible for the equipment on site, we may still be able to assist. If instructed by the Building Owner or Managing Agents, our Technical Team can attend your property to investigate metering and data collection faults. If any parts require replacement, the Building Owner or their respective Managing Agent would need to instruct us to arrange replacement and visit the property again to complete the repairs.

Depending on our agreement with the Building Owner or Managing Agents, we might be able to take your instruction to inspect the meter installed at your apartment. Please note that an extra charge will become payable prior to the visit taking place, as we would act as a 3rd Party contractor in this instance and send a metering and data collection technician. If the issue is with any other piece of equipment (your HIU for example), we would not be able to diagnose this.

We recommend prompt action is taken should these situations arise, as a back-billing exercise will be completed and it’s likely that any unbilled consumption will be estimated.

For more information on who is responsible for maintenance and repair of your meter and data collection network, visit our Stakeholders and their responsibilities article. 

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