I received a new invoice for a period I have already been billed for – why is this?

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There are several reasons why we might have rebilled your account for a specific period, including but not limited to:

  • new metering data received
  • recalculated estimates
  • new tenancy/leaseholder information received
  • revised tariff rates applied to the development.

For further information on the specific reason(s) why a revised invoice might have been issued, please refer to the cover letter enclosed with your new invoice - or you contact us directly over the phone, or by submitting a ticket.

When a period is rebilled on your account, a ‘credit note’ is created and added to the account to cancel off the previously raised charges. You can view all credited invoices and the periods they relate to by logging into your Customer Portal account.

Please refer to our How do I create a Customer Portal account? article for a step-by-step guide on how to access the portal.

Please note that the credit notes added might result in your overall account balance being in credit. Similarly, if a payment was made towards an invoice that has been re-issued, this may result in a credit, which will be offset against the new invoice and any credit remaining will be offset against future invoices by default.

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