I am a vulnerable resident/there are vulnerable residents living at my property. What should I do?

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If you are a private / social tenant, and you or someone living with you at the property are vulnerable, we suggest that you contact your Landlord / Housing Association so they can register the vulnerability status with the Managing Agents. If you are the property owner and would like to register a vulnerability status, please contact the Building Owner / Managing Agents directly.

The Building Owner / Managing Agent should maintain a Priority Services Register (PSR) to ensure that vulnerable customers’ needs are fairly considered. They would then share this information with us, which would inform our practices in billing the vulnerable person and offering them customer care.

Please note, this information cannot be registered with us directly as we do not maintain the register.

For more information on the different parties involved in the operation of your building, and what they are responsible for, please visit our Stakeholders and their responsibilities article.

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