How do I submit a meter reading?

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In most cases, Actual meter readings are collected remotely from the meter(s) installed within your apartment daily, and we do not need manual metering data to be submitted (as the data collected will be used for billing by default).

When we cannot obtain Actual meter readings to be used for billing, we will use Estimated Readings. We aim to ensure our Estimated readings are as accurate as possible and calculate them based on previous Actual consumption history.

If you noticed that your invoice was issued based on Estimated meter readings and you wish to submit manual readings to us, you can do so by logging into your Customer Portal account or by selecting the ‘Submit a meter reading’ option on our Residents Hub. This will direct you to our online meter reading form.

Please note that photographic evidence will be required to be submitted along with your readings. If you are submitting meter readings for several different utilities, a picture will be for each utility.

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