My bill says I'm on a District Supply Scheme - what does this mean?

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A District Supply Scheme encompasses a communal system or multiple systems that provide utilities to end users. These utilities may include heat, cooling, electricity, gas, hot water, cold water, and more.

Such a scheme can either deliver a single utility or offer a combination of utilities, known as a multi-utility scheme. The supplied utility could be generated onsite (such as through heat networks) or procured in bulk from a registered utility supplier like Thames Water or Eon Energy. Subsequently, charges are allocated to end users based on apartment-level sub meter readings collected remotely.

A District Supply Scheme may serve a single building or block of flats, or it could extend to multiple blocks.

The Communal Network Supplier is responsible for operating the District Supply Scheme and suppling utilities to the end users. This is generally the Freeholder or Building owner for your development.

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