GDPR - Your personal data protection

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Data Energy collects, holds, and processes a range of personal data and non-personal data. The protection of this data is of great importance, both commercially and legally.

If you are a Leaseholder, your personal details such as full name, postal address, and email address (if any) are provided to us by the Managing Agent of the development (newbuilds only). For new owners, who recently completed on pre-existing property, an online Change of Leaseholder form need to be completed by the current lessee. These details will be used to create a billing account for the duration of your lessee and will be used as primary billing account.

If you are a Sub-tenant (assured tenancy agreement), your personal details, such as full name and email address (if any) would be provided to us by your Landlord or Letting Agent, who will need to complete an online Change of Tenancy form. These details will be added to primary account, and your name will be displayed as c/o on the invoices relate to your tenancy period. In some instances, and in accordance with the billing arrangement in place, a primary account will be created for Sub-tenants.

All personal data is stored and processed securely in accordance with current government regulations.

If you would like to know what personal data we hold for you, you can exercise your rights under Article 15 and to request a copy of the data and information we hold. This can be done by submitting a ticket with our dedicated Customer Care team, and your request will be passed to our GDPR Officer.

If you suspect a GDPR breach, please contact our Customer Care team, by submitting a ticket with the details of the incident as soon as possible. This will be logged with our GDPR Officer, who will investigate this matter, according to current UK GDPR regulations.

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