Where is my bill?

If you have not received an invoice from us for a significant amount of time, you may be wondering when to expect your next bill to be issued. There are several reasons that could cause delays in issuing your next invoice...


  • Tariff review: In case the applicable tariff rates have expired for your development, we are unable to issue your next invoice until the new rates are calculated, approved by the Managing Agents and applied to the accounts for billing. You can check the expiry date of your current tariff by logging into your Customer Portal account or referring to the most recent correspondence received from us regarding any tariff changes. For more information on the tariff review process, please refer to our How has my tariff been calculated? article.
  • Lack of metering data: In some cases, we are unable to issue your consumption charges due to a lack of available metering data on your account. When we cannot obtain Actual meter readings to be used for billing, we will use Estimates. However, consumption Estimates for your property cannot be calculated without at least 2 Actual readings on the account. We aim to ensure that our Estimates are as accurate as possible and calculate them based on previous Actual consumption history. You can view all available readings, monitor your consumption, and submit manual meter readings via your Customer Portal account or you can visit our Residents Hub.
  • Inaccurate billing details: To ensure that your bill is sent to the correct party, billing details should be checked and updated with us on a regular basis. In most cases, we will use the supply address as the billing address for your property, however, you can request paperless billing and add several email addresses to your account. If you are sub-letting your property and bills should be sent to your tenants directly, please notify us by completing our Change of Tenancy form within 30 days of your tenants moving in. If you are a tenant renting the property, your Landlord or Letting Agency will need to complete and submit the Change of Tenancy form on your behalf. Please note, we cannot accept a COT form from the tenants themselves.
  • Meter placed into ‘quarantine’: There are several reasons why your meter might have been placed into ‘quarantine’, meaning that billing is on hold as we are unable to generate invoices on your account. These reasons include but are not limited to; lack of Actual metering data, incorrect or contradicting data being recorded, faulty meters or lack of accurate Meter Serial Number (MSN) being assigned to the account. We are regularly in contact with the Building Owner/Managing Agent and endeavour to notify them of metering issues as soon as they arise. If you have not received an invoice for a significant amount of time and you suspect there might be further issues preventing us from billing your account, please contact us at your earliest convenience and provide an up-to-date picture of your meter. This might help us with the investigation and ensure that billing resumes as soon as possible.


As your metering and billing agent, Data Energy does not own and is not responsible for the maintenance of metering equipment. To find out more about the parties involved, please visit our article on Stakeholders and their responsibilities.

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