My top up hasn't gone through to my meter - what do I do?

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If you have recently made a top-up payment and the balance has not updated on your meter, you may need to wait as it could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours for your meter to register the payment, update the balance and enable the supply again (if this was disabled prior to the payment being made).

If your payment still hasn’t registered after a significant amount of time has passed, your meter may be offline or disconnected from the top-up system you made a payment on. Once a payment is made, a top-up code is generated that can be manually inserted on your meter; this will override the lack of connection and update your account balance.

You can contact our Customer Care team over the phone via 01279 810 119 or online by submitting a support ticket if you’re unsure where to find the manual top up code.

Once you have the top-up code, please select the ‘top-up’ or ‘enter code’ options on your in-home displays:

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