How do I top up?

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There are several ways to make a payment and top up your PAYG meter.

How you can top up depends on the type of meter you have within your property. Check the images below to identify your meter:


PAYG photos labelled.JPG


You can pay using the following methods...


Online: by following one of the payment links provided below:

Guru Hub -

Secure Hub -

IKnoWatt (IKW3) Hub -

If you have an IKnoWatt (IKW3) Hub and an active Customer Portal account, you can make payments and set up automated alerts that will notify you when:

  • Your balance runs below a certain amount
  • Your balance has run out and the supply was isolated
  • Top up payments are successfully made.

If you haven’t created a Customer Portal account yet, please refer to our How do I create a Customer Portal account? article.


QR Code: If your meter has a QR code, you can scan this with your mobile phone to be taken directly through to the payment section of our online portal.


In-store: You can make a payment at any retail outlets facilitating PayPoint across the UK, using your Pre-payment or ‘top-up’ card. No registration is required, and your card will be ready to use straight away! You can also contact our Customer Care team by submitting a support ticket and one of our advisers will provide you with an electronic barcode linked to your unique 19-digit PayPoint number. You can take this barcode to a PayPoint outlet closest to you to make a payment in-store. If you do not have a pre-payment card, please refer to our What do I do if I've lost my top-up card? article.


Over the phone by contacting us on 01279 810 119. Our phone lines are open Monday to Thursday, between 9 am and 4 pm.


Bank Transfer: Alternatively, you can request the bank account details linked to your development by submitting a support ticket. You can then pay through bank transfer or by setting up a standing order via your online banking app. Please note, Direct Debit is not available for PAYG customers.


If you are struggling to make a top-up payment and your balance has reached £0, an emergency credit will automatically activate. The emergency credit amount will be displayed on your meter, as shown below. If you are unsure of the emergency credit amount or would like to discuss the options available to you if you are struggling with bills, please contact our Customer Care team by submitting a support ticket. You can also view a full list of support options via our Bill Support page.

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